The game belongs to life simulators, like the classic representatives of the sandbox genre. At the same time, many aspects here are recreated very realistically and in detail. Here you can create your character, choose his gender, country of residence and other parameters, and then start living his life from birth to death. You can make various decisions and take actions that affect your character’s career, relationships, health, and finances.

What is the best way to play?

The game has a wide variety of professions that you can choose for your character, such as a doctor, lawyer, artist, and even a crime boss. You can also start relationships, have children, buy property and participate in many other interesting events. One of the main features is saving the game. This allows you to relive multiple lives of a single character and see how their desires, goals, and attitudes change depending on the choices you make. Random events and missions can occur here, thanks to which the game becomes even more interesting and exciting. Mostly, you need to know what you want to achieve in the game. Whether you want to have a successful career, become a wealthy person, find the perfect partner, or become a villain, it’s all possible here. Choose the right job to earn money and raise your standard of living. Some jobs pay better than others.

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