Drunken Boxing

You can find a lot of boxing games online, but it is more than obvious that this time, it will be a new plot for you. Why is it so? You will be controlling a drunken boxer. You know well how coordination suffers under the influence of alcohol. It seems actually impossible to fight if you can hardly keep to the ground! But there is no other choice. You are in the arena, and the opponent is waiting to attack you. By the way, your adversary is not sober either. Just imagine you two trying to hit each other! It is going to be a hilarious confrontation! But still, the main task remains as in real boxing – you must hit your opponent and make him fall!

Fight to the fullest!

It is clear enough that both protagonist and his adversary are really unstable. They move is a really awkward way. You can only imagine the combat scenario with these weird participants. Their stumbling and flailing movements will amuse you a lot, while you are trying to get the most of your boxer. The whole activity turns into absurdity because of the heroes’ state. This humorous game allows you to step away from traditional martial arts and just have fun. Your boxer will need to complete a lot of bizarre tasks and laugh without a stop! You can play the game alone – in this case, you will be fighting against a computer bot. But multiplayer mode is also available – share this fun with your friends!

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