Pandemic Simulator

In this intriguing simulator, you will act alone against the entire world as you assume the role of a deadly virus. Quite unexpected, right? Your ultimate objective is to destroy the humanity by your harmful influence. You are carrying a contagious disease. To achieve this sinister goal, you must employ various tactics to infiltrate even the most remote corners of the globe. And do not think you will need to move flawlessly – the world will try to resist. People will try to invent some tools to kill you.

Leave your adversaries behind!

Naturally, humanity will mobilize to counter your deadly influence. They will promptly initiate efforts to develop a vaccine that will stop your powerful effect. Do not underestimate their efforts – you must outpace their research endeavors and experiments. To gain the upper hand, you need to consistently modify your viral symptoms to confuse your adversaries and win precious time. The more individuals you infect, the more points you’ll accumulate. Each victim brings money! These points can be utilized to strengthen your resilience and extend your lethal journey across the planet. Do you possess the capacity to outwit humanity and systematically eliminate all life forms on Earth? It’s a chilling challenge waiting to be explored. And definitely, being a virus is not that easy. Besides, it is definitely going to be a new experience to gain! Do not miss this cool entertainment!

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