Ready to go on another wild pixel adventure? Then welcome to! Inspired by Minecraft, this game takes you on a thrilling journey trough a voxel realm filled with discoveries, fights and challenges that will have you playing for hours until your fingers are sore!

All kinds of voxel fun!

Prepare to step into a vibrant pixel world that will captivate your sight and imagination. This is a land of endless possibilities allowing you to indulge in building, exploring and battling in equal measures. From the very first moments of the gameplay, you’ll have your hands full of various tasks and challenges that won’t let you catch your breath even for a second. It’s the ultimate sandboxing experience for all voxel fans!

No place for boredom! features all kinds of amazing modes to keep players engaged and entertained no matter how much time they’ve already spent in the game. Are you into parkour? Try to get through a daring obstacle course without breaking your pixel legs! Are you more of a builder? There is no shortage of structures to build, each one crazier than the last!

And of course, it goes without saying that the game is choke-full of gripping battles allowing you to sharpen your reflexes and blow off steam. So whatever of these things you’re into, feel free to check out right now! It’s a whirlpool of pixels, a hurricane of adventures and a whole world of sandbox fun! Enjoy your stay here!

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