Sandbox City

In this game, you will find yourself in an active city. Its streets are full of pedestrians and roads are overloaded with traffic. But there is one nuance that poses a fatal threat to it all! Evil zombies penetrated this location. Now these bloodthirsty creatures are going to kill its inhabitants and ruin everything around. Somebody should stop these treacherous invaders and deal with them! People do not know what to do! Moreover, after zombie’s attack they also turn into living dead! It is time to change things and clear out the city form these evil creatures!

Destroy all enemies!

You must kill every single zombie before they realize their ill intentions. So you are to get well-armed. The game offers a stunning arsenal of weapons – from guns to grenades and bombs. Besides, you can use a vehicle to crush these dangerous creatures under its wheels. The selection of cars is also fantastic – the police cars, vans and ambulances. You can even use your combat skills to confront the opponents. There are no restrictions here – choose the method you like best and destroy them all! The game comes with really impressive visuals. Moreover, you are allowed to customize a lot of elements what makes the walkthrough even more enjoyable. You will earn points for killed zombies – use these to purchase upgrade for your hero. Be determined to act until the last antagonist is dead. This is the only way to save the city!

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