Cat Goes Fishing

This is a fishing simulation game where the player controls a cat who goes to sea on his boat to catch as many fish as possible. A large world is implemented here with various places for fishing, each of which has its own characteristics and available fish. The player must use different types of tackle and bait to attract and catch different kinds of fish. For each prey caught, the player receives in-game currency and experience, which can be used to improve their fishing skills and buy new tools and boats. The game has simple and relaxed gameplay with attractive graphics, making it accessible to players of all ages and experience levels.

Nuances that are useful to know

There are many varieties of fish here, each of which has its own nuances, bait preferences and cost. As with many other games, the experience and in-game currency you earn are used to upgrade your skills and acquire better gear. You can spend everything after the end of fishing. Players can purchase and upgrade fishing rods, baits, boats, and even hats for their cat. Here you will find various fishing spots, and you can upgrade your vehicle to reach outlying areas and catch rarer and more valuable fish. Here you will find various quests and achievements that you can complete to unlock bonus items and gain additional experience.

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