Fort Builder Sandbox

You can find a great selection of different simulators in the internet. Today, you are invited to enjoy a building activity. You will be constructing forts! This fortification will need to become a reliable shelter from enemies. Moreover, you will have to equip it with weapons and make it a real trap for all opponents. The game will offer you several type of structure designs and several types of weapons. You need to use your creativity to combine all the elements in a powerful fort that will help you stop invaders. Let’s see what outcome you will manage to achieve! Only you decide how your fort will look like!

How to play?

You will control the main character by moving him across the screen. First of all, you need to look around the location and select the best place for your fort. There are no specific instruction concerning type and size of your construction – here players are encouraged to be creative and inventive to come up with something extraordinary and unique. After you decide where your structure will be located, go to the menu to select materials. Press the left mouse button to choose items and then press the right button to start a building process. You can experiment with weapons and design of your fort and continuously strengthen it. If you believe the project is finished, start building new fortification. This activity will be especially interesting for little boys who love such creative missions.

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