The famous Minecraft has inspired developers from all over the world to create games with similar plots. And Mineblock is one of these. The project is also focused on collecting resources and building activities. You character starts from scratch and needs to progress as much as possible. The author of the game was fond of the original building sandbox and created a free version. Here, your character needs to find food and building materials to construct a shelter. All resources come in the form of cubes that matches the design of Minecraft. And all the mechanics and controls are almost the same, you are just encouraged to craft and create.

Build and survive!

The idea of the game is to build without a stop. There are a lot of resources around you can get. However, some of them are not so easily accessible. Besides, there are evil monsters around. The opponents are just looking for the moment to capture your possession. So you will need to craft weapons to protect your territory from evil creatures that are lurking around. Do not give up construction, keep building more and more until you create a whole settlement. There is enough space for creativity and experiments. You just need to start and find the inspiration to create new things. The activity is especially engaging for young players who can test various strategies and realize their design ideas. The fun is never over in Mineblock! Do not miss this exciting simulator.

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