Super Game Maker

This is a platform game based on the Super Mario games. The main feature is that users have the ability to create their own levels using tools and elements inspired by the original games in the series. Players can not only play through the classic game and modify it using the proposed tools, but they can also edit levels, place various objects and enemies, and change the level mechanics.

Bright world filled with surprises

The game is completely world-based, allowing players to create and complete levels designed by other players. Here you have complete creative freedom. Players are given a wide range of tools to create levels, from basic blocks and obstacles to controlling the behavior of characters and enemies. This allows you to create an almost unlimited number of unique levels. This approach creates an almost endless stream of content to go through. Playing levels created by other players can be challenging and fun as the levels can be varied and unexpected. Initially, you can play the original and remember its features, gradually adding to it various modifications available at the bottom of the screen. After that, you can start creating your own levels, testing others that are posted online.

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