Melon Playground

How often do you feel like you could use some outlet to blow off steam? Melon Playground is happy to offer you one! Wreak some havoc on the heads of these unsuspecting characters and set up the most epic, spectacular and wild destruction scene in history!

Your personal playbox of mayhem!

You start off with a blank room that should be filled with objects and characters of your choice. And there are lots to choose from! Structures, vehicles, guns – you name it. And even though all this may look as just a bunch of half-broken pixels, including the characters that look downright 8-bit, what’s about to unfold on your screen will make you overlook this simplicity of design, or maybe even find it delightfully clumsy and stylishly retro!

Wreak havoc and enjoy the chaos!

See, all these things you’re adding to your virtual playground are not for nothing. They’re not meant to just sit there or imitate some sort of movement and activity idly. No, they can interact in some real, scenic and rather disastrous ways! And you have the freedom to configure these interactions all to your own taste!

The only thing left to do is to sit back, click the start button and watch the whole thing being set in motion. You’ll surely enjoy every second of a mind-blowing scenario you just set up yourself, with crazy ragdoll physics and hilarious effects! So start your journey into the mad world of Melon Playground and have a devastatingly good time!

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