Turbo Dismounting

If you love games that involve wreaking havoc, Turbo Dismounting is surely a project to attract your attention. This entertainment invites you to a thrilling challenge. You will interact with ragdolls – but the task is to bring him as much harm as possible! You will navigate through a series of exhilarating levels, with a singular objective: to torture your character in the most sophisticated way! However, as you delve deeper into the game, you will discover that these vulnerable-looking stickmen possess a surprising resilience. So players will need to invent clever tactics to succeed. Are you ready to test how well you can manage this unconventional mission?

Explore all available devices!

Turbo Dismounting offers a plethora of intriguing maps, each requiring you to place your stickman onto various modes of transport and orchestrate an accident. The diversity of available vehicles is truly extensive, ranging from buses and cars to even a skateboard. If you want to stage an exceptionally bizarre experiment with your stickman, consider seating him in a shopping cart and pushing him down a flight of stairs. The greater the extent of damage to your character, the more points you will get. In this game, your creativity knows no bounds. Allow yourself to realize all your mischievous ideas. Do not miss the opportunity to create incredible destruction to your poor personages! You will love this new experience!

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