Floating Sandbox Mobile

Always been fascinated with the story of Titanic? Now you can have one of your own, and even more grand-scale! Floating Sandbox mobile invites you to try your hand at staging ocean disasters and wreckages like those the world has never seen before. Are you ready? Then let’s sail!

Storms, battles and wreckages!

First things first, you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to wreak havoc on unsuspecting vessels. Need a ship-sinking weapon? No problem! Grab a torpedo and watch it explode with a thunderous boom, sending ships to the ocean floor in a frenzy of bubbles and chaos. It’s like being a demolition expert with a license to unleash nautical mayhem!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! You can also create massive waves that crash into ships, causing them to list, flip, and eventually sink into the depths below. Picture this: giant walls of water crashing against unsuspecting vessels, creating a spectacle of maritime madness that would make Poseidon himself jealous. It’s a tsunami of insanity!

And don’t forget about collisions! You can create epic naval battles by simply guiding ships towards each other, watching as they smash, crash, and collide in a flurry of destruction. It’s like being the director of a Pearl Harbor sequel, where the explosions and chaos are at your command.

Endless customization and fun!

Floating Sandbox also allows you to customize your ships, from their size and shape to their cargo and armaments. You can create the mightiest warship or the goofiest cruise liner – it’s your choice! Then, set them loose in the open water and watch the disaster unfold. That can surely make you think back to the good old days of taking a bathtub full of toy boats, but on a grand, jaw-dropping scale.

And here’s the cherry on top: the game features a realistic physics engine that will blow your mind! Witness ships listing, capsizing, and breaking apart as they succumb to the forces of the ocean. You’ll surely be impressed with all the hydrodynamics and realism, all in the name of over-the-top entertainment! So jump aboard the sinking ship extravaganza that is Floating Sandbox and let the nautical madness begin!

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