DEEEER Simulator

Some games have really absurd plots! And Deeeer Simulator is one of them. This is a whimsical story that will make you laugh a lot. So what is your mission in this entertainment? You will transform into a deer! But your character is humorous and adventurous. And this time he looks for new adventures in the open world. Actually, the protagonist has only one intention – to create incredible chaos around. He is full of energy and grand plans. Are you ready to join the hero for a fresh experience?

It is never ending fun!

Your protagonist is not only full of destructive ideas, he has a lot of cool powers. He can stretch his neck to reach things. But what is really fabulous, the deer can even fly! Use all these weird characteristics to create incredible mess everywhere he steps. The hero will traverse various maps where he will interact with different objects. He can really do everything you can only imagine – kick pedestrians, steal cars, and other shocking things. The deer can even throw things without being worried about consequences. This list of insane activities is endless – the player just needs to explore all the options. Another cool thing is customization. You can unlock a lot of outfits for your personage and make him look even more eye-catching. There are many challenges you need to overcome in this game you have to overcome together with this cute deer! All players will have fun in this entertainment!

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