Minecraft Classic

It seems there is no gamer who would not know about Minecraft. This pixelated playground has attracted millions of players over years. The main activity offered in this sandbox is building. You are to use various blocks to construct literally whatever you want. Players are encouraged to build whole settlements! But do you remember how it all started? Let’s have a look how this epic sandbox was arranged when it was only launched. It was known then as Minecraft Classic. Users were quite restricted – as the selection of building materials was very modest.

Let’s return to Minecraft origins!

The very first release of this simulator did not have much to offer to players to be honest. The toolkit was limited by 32 types of blocks only. You had to demonstrate creativity and arrange these blocks in diverse configurations and structures. But even with this poor palette of building materials, fans managed to come up with weird structures. Those who appreciate minimalism will even find this particular release especially appealing. So let’s check your imagination – you are to operate with 32 blocks again. Use your logic and creativity to craft something extraordinary and distinctive. You know well that all great things are very simple in its nature. Prove that nothing can kill an architect inside you. It is exciting to accept this challenge and discover that your creative skills are endless! Have a lot of fun!

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