Eco Inc. Save The Earth Planet

The game is an economic simulator in which you literally control the whole world, only solve environmental issues. The planet has faced great difficulties and it is necessary to optimize the consumption of energy and other resources in order to provide not only comfortable conditions for life, but also an opportunity for the subsequent development of mankind, otherwise you will face death.

How to play?

Almost the entire map of the world is available to you, which is divided into several regions. Each of them has its own characteristics and a special situation. In some places, there are problems with water and high temperatures, in others there is a shortage of fuel, electricity, and so on. For each region, it is necessary to select their own ways of solving problems and implement new projects that will contribute to the modernization of the system. Naturally, the possibilities are not unlimited, and the construction of many facilities takes a lot of time, while a solution is needed now. For each conditional move in the game, you are given a certain amount of initiative points. You can spend them on specific objects in different regions. The number of points and the deterioration of the situation over time depends on the level of difficulty that you can choose before starting the passage. The main goal is to achieve better living conditions in each region and solve all local problems. Before playing, you can take a tutorial to learn all the important aspects.

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