Tasty Planet

This is a fun game in which you control a small round creature that devours anything smaller than it. As a result of this, it grows larger and larger until it can swallow entire planets and star systems. One of the most interesting features of this game is its unusual gameplay. There are a large number of different levels and many different tasks, including the absorption of certain objects or the battle with enemies. Each level requires the main character to reach a certain size. As soon as you can eat everything and grow to a certain size, you can go to other locations, where new enemies of larger sizes will already be waiting for you, which will allow you to become even larger and more dangerous to others.

Features of the passage

Visually, everything is decorated very attractively and colorfully. You are waiting for bright colors, detailed graphics, funny design of characters and objects – all this makes the game more interesting and attractive. Players are offered a unique and addictive gameplay that combines elements of an arcade game, puzzle and action in an unusual and fun way. Each level gives new discoveries and additional opportunities. If at first you find yourself in a laboratory where there are a small number of small items, then you are already going to other rooms, to an open city and other places. As a result, you must become the most dangerous creature in the universe.

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