This is a game that interestingly combines several different genres. Due to this, they can be of interest to a large number of players of different ages and with different interests. Here you will find a unique gameplay that forms a hybrid of the genres of interactive narrative game and platformer. The player can control the actions of the characters and change the development of the plot.

What is the story line that draws you in?

Here the main focus is on the plot and narration. Players will enjoy a captivating and original story full of interesting characters and unexpected plot twists. They can be directly involved in this, placing the characters in different parts of the narrative process and watching their subsequent interaction. You are given many options to choose from. Players can determine the course of the plot and the development of characters. These decisions can have long-term consequences and influence the final ending of the game. Also, players will appreciate the unique graphic style. The game has colorful graphics, elaborate details and an attractive art style. Here you will find a wide variety of tasks, from puzzles to boss battles. Each task offers new challenges and opportunities for the manifestation of their logical thinking and the skills of the player. All actions are accompanied by a high-quality soundtrack that complements the atmosphere and emotions of the gameplay.

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