It’s a sandbox action game where you play as a character hired to do various demolition missions. The main mechanics of the game include the ability to completely destroy the game world using various tools and weapons. The player can destroy buildings, smash walls, blow up objects, and create their own destruction devices. Here you have access to an open world with the possibility of free movement, where everyone can explore the city, find hidden rooms and collect various items that can be used in the game. Here players get complete freedom of action related to the destruction of everything around.

Pave the way to victory with the help of improvised inventory!

The buildings in the game are built using a unique physics system that allows you to destroy every element of the environment. Use explosives, hammers, cars or any other available tools to widen your path to the target. There are practically no restrictions on the choice of place and method of their actions. Choose your path to achieve your goals using a variety of tools and approaches. You can play in co-op mode and destroy buildings with your friends. It has a level editor that allows you to create your own maps and levels to share with other players. The game has excellent graphics processing, which adds realism to the gameplay, and the soundtrack provides complete immersion.

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