Gourdlets – City Building Sandbox

Get ready to unleash your creative juices and dive headfirst into the fascinating and diverse world of Gourdlets City-Building Sandbox! Become the mayor of a scenic and whimsical town where imagination knows no bounds. This city is yours to build, so try your best!

City building with a cute and wacky twist

You’ll start with a blank canvas and a whole bunch of gourd-shaped buildings at your disposal. The quest of creating the city of your dreams starts right now, one gourd at a time. Build towering skyscrapers, charming residential areas, and all sorts of great structures that will make your town the talk of the gourd-iverse!

But the game is not just about constructing buildings; it’s about creating a living, breathing community. Customize your gourd-shaped citizens, give them quirky personalities, and watch as they go about their daily lives. From the flamboyant gourd painter to the mischievous gourd prankster, every citizen adds a touch of charm and hilarity to your town.

Have the time of your urban life!

And all the special events that spice up your gourd-filled world? From annual gourd festivals where residents gather to celebrate the bountiful harvest to surprise UFO sightings that shake up your city’s routine, there’s always something exciting happening. So let’s start building and may your gourd-filled town become the envy of city architects everywhere!

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