Geometry Dash 2.2

A rhythm platform game where the player must control a geometric object and jump over obstacles on the way, synchronizing their movements with the music. Here you will find various levels, from fairly simple to super complex. The main goal is to pass them, avoiding collisions with pointed objects, pits and obstacles. The main character is able to jump and move forward in several game modes. The player can also create their own levels and share them with other players.

What game level to choose?

This game brings several new levels with different themes and difficulty. Each level has its own unique graphics and soundtrack. This makes it more varied and interesting than the previous version. There are also two new game modes – Dual and Clash. In Dual mode, the player can simultaneously control two geometric objects on different halves of the screen, while in Clash mode you compete with other players online. The game received new interactive objects such as portals, guns and others, which add additional complexity and variety to the gameplay. Here you will find improved gameplay with new levels, modes and level editing options so that players can enjoy an endless amount of content. If you liked the first part, then the novelty will definitely interest you.

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